Hair Loss Options

A special note…

Has your hair thinned?

Have you come to the conclusion as you look in the mirror that you are not happy with what you see? Are you self-conscious about going out and attending events, even hesitant to go to your place of worship? This may be something new for you, something you have never had to deal with before. Or perhaps you’ve had this challenge for quite some time. For a woman, hair loss can greatly affect self-image and self-esteem. Hair styling becomes very difficult, since as your hair gets thinner, the scalp is exposed and the hair loss becomes obvious. And this can be devastating to you.

Whether your hair loss is due to medication, heritage, or something unknown, I can help.

I have worked with hundreds of women who are dealing with the loss of their hair and have taken the time to update my Website to provide some answers. I hope that you will find this informative and that you will consider reaching out and doing something for yourself! What I truly believe—and am empowered by every day— is Look Good Feel Better!

With our deepest caring in beauty and in life


From One Client…

Finding this salon has changed my life

I was depressed about my hair loss and had already gone through four hair “solutions.” They saw me immediately, brought me in by a private entrance, sat me down in a private room, and gently explained to me how they could help. My hair has never looked so beautiful, and no one can tell it’s not all mine. The style and color is perfect, and I can wash it every day.

Everyone there has a huge heart to go along with their considerable talent. I encourage anyone who is unhappy about their thinning hair to make an appointment.

You can have your life back!


Okay, let’s get the info straight!

  1. If you are at the early stages of hair loss, you should be on the proper shampoo, conditioner, and treatment. If thinning has increased, so should your treatment. A company we work with offers a 90-day regimen. They guarantee that if you don’t see an improvement in hair growth, they will refund your money.
  2. Fiber Powders, packaged in a shaker tube, can also be quite effective and are very simple to use. The micro hair fibers or hair powder attach to each strand of your hair through the natural static “cling” electricity of your hair. As the hair fibers land on your hair, they attach to it. They come in a variety of colors, including gray, and can be a great tool for giving the illusion of thicker hair. Fiber Powders also come in clear if you desire a thicker feel for your hair.
  3. Although you should always be using the proper shampoo throughout any hair solution option, if you’re still not satisfied, it’s time to look into a hair piece. It can be as small as the size of a hockey puck or as large as the size of a CD. We even offer something that goes right over your parting. These items can be bonded or clipped in as a secured method.
  4. If you have extreme hair loss from the forehead to the crown, then a three quarter cap is for you.
  5. For total hair loss a wig would be the most appropriate.
  6. All hairpieces and wigs are available in human and synthetic and can be taped, bonded or clipped.

While the possibilities are endless, your perfect solution takes time, a good product and a thorough consultation with a hair-loss solution expert. Don’t get caught up on measuring your head size, don’t get overwhelmed with the thought of going to your next event. Simply read over this helpful information and take the step in helping yourself and finding the right solution for you. I hope to hear from you soon.


Private Room

At Cartier’s Salon we offer a private room to discuss your hair loss options. Most insurance is accepted.

Caring For Your Hairpiece

  1. Place your hairpiece on the mannequin head and gently use a wide-tooth pick to remove any tangles and loosen any styling product residue.
  2. Place 3 to 5 ounces of mild shampoo into cold water.
  3. Turn your hairpiece inside out and soak for 3 to 5 minutes while gently rubbing the hairline. Swirl the hair for another minute then remove the hairpiece from the water.
  4. Blot the inside of the cap to remove excess moisture. Turn the hairpiece right side out and gently blot it.
  5. Lay your hairpiece flat out on a towel and allow to air dry. (Approximate drying time is 24 hours.)

Additional Info

  • Synthetic hairpieces should be cleaned once every 6 to 8 weeks.
  • Human-hair hairpieces should only be cleaned once every 2 to 4 weeks.
  • Styling products may be used with hairpieces.
  • For synthetic hairpieces, only use synthetic products.
  • For human-hair hairpieces, only use professional products.

Other Services

We are a medical care provider and will assist you in getting your wig covered. We also carry a complete line of parabin and glutinous free shampoo/condition and hair color, essensity color, natural shampoo and conditioner, as well as cotton caps, turbans, and a wig bank.

Additionally we provide a wig drop-off service to make your experience easier.

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