Strangers stop me and have said, “I love your hair!”

LOVE!!!! I was referred to Cartier’s salon a few years ago and have been going there every 4 weeks since. I keep going because I ALWAYS receive compliments on my hair. Strangers stop me and have said, “I love your hair!” and “…the color of your hair is so nice”. It makes me feel great! Sometimes I like the same style and sometimes I like to switch it up so something sassy. I have short thick hair so the task can be a challenge, no matter what I request I’m always satisfied. The stylists are smiling, helpful and I’m always offered a hot beverage while processing. The salon has a classy upscale appeal and services are priced just right. When I have time in my schedule, Cartier’s will fit me in for a manicure and/or facial! Hair, nails, fresh face = me feeling like a million every time I leave Cartier’s Salon.

Sally B.

(Review from Yelp)

The combination of superb talent and friendly staff has made me such a loyal customer, that I could not imagine going anywhere else for these services. I would absolutely recommend this salon to anyone!!!!!

I have been going to Cartier’s for approximately 10 years. Several members of my family use this salon as well. In my opinion, Cartier’s is the BEST in the Hudson Valley!!! The owner, Jen, has always been my stylist. What a wonderful woman! Not only does she do a top notch job, but she is one of the nicest people I have ever met! She has a wonderful personality, and she makes getting my hair done such a fun and relaxing experience. Jen always listens to what I would like my hair to look like, and always meets and exceeds my expectations for a great color and haircut. I have also gone to Shauna several times, another great stylist at this salon, to have my hair blown out. I have very long, thick hair, so this process can take quite a while. Shauna never rushes me, and my hair always looks fantastic when I leave her chair! To top it off, Shauna always tries to help show me how to style my hair like she does, so I can recreate the look, whether it be curls, waves, etc.

In addition to top notch hair stylists, Krista is by far the best nail technician I have ever worked with at any salon. She does a phenomenal job, and pays such close attention to hygiene, which I really appreciate. Krista has such a wonderful personality, and I really look forward to getting my nails done every other week, not only for the superior job she does, but also just to catch up with her! What more can you ask for!!

I got married this past August, and myself and my entire bridal party (mom, maid of honor, bridesmaids, and flower girl) got our hair done at Cartier’s the morning of the wedding. There were 10 of us in total. You would have thought it was our own personal salon!! When we got there, Jen had bagels, juice, and mimosas out for us. The entire salon took such wonderful care of us, and made it such an enjoyable experience. The entire bridal party looked amazing, and I could not have asked for a better experience. Jen did such and amazing job, and I am so thankful to her!

I honestly cannot say enough positive things about this salon. It has such a positive and friendly energy, and I have never been to another salon like this before. As soon as you walk in, Jennifer Rose’s smiling face greets you at the desk. Frankie, the stylists’ assistant, is just one of the sweetest people I have ever met. I really could say something great about every person in this salon. After I got married, I moved to New Jersey, and now live about an hour and a half away. However, I still come back to Cartier’s to get my hair and nails done. The combination of superb talent and friendly staff has made me such a loyal customer, that I could not imagine going anywhere else for these services. I would absolutely recommend this salon to anyone!!!!!

Meghan P.

(Review from Yelp)

I wouldn’t go anywhere else!

I have been going to this salon since 2008. I was diagnosed with breast cancer and a friend recommended Jennifer. She was very compassionate and concerned about my fear of losing my hair due to chemo treatments. Jennifer cut my hair to get ready for the traumatic loss of hair and I also purchased a wig which she suggested and styled.

I continued going to her after my hair grew in and have been completely satisfied through the years. I wouldn’t go anywhere else! The whole staff is cheerful and friendly. The salon is beautiful and pleasant. I actually look forward to my appointments. I highly recommend this salon for everyone!

Joan O.

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The service that I have received has always been amazing…

I have been going to Cartier’s for several years for my hair and nails. The service that I have received has always been amazing, and I have always been SO happy with the results. I have received multiple compliments on my hair and nails, and always enjoy my time there. The salon has a great energy, and everyone who works there could not be nicer. The prices are very reasonable as well. I would highly recommend this salon to anyone in the area. GlamGirl B.

(Review from Yelp)

Cartier’s Salon should have a much higher rating than 3 stars!

My daughter and I just had our hair and makeup done for my son’s wedding, and we got so many compliments. Jen and Shauna did a beautiful job, and helped to make our family wedding even more special. Their new salon is lovely, and the entire staff works together to make each client feel welcome and uplifted. I have also had manicures and pedicures there, and Krista is very talented and accommodating. I cannot recommend this salon more highly! Linda R.

(Review from Yelp)

I LOVE Cartier’s! They are the only people I really trust with my hair…

I have the same hairdresser every time, and she knows me and what I like and what looks good on me. The first time I went to her, I asked for blonde highlights. She picked a color that looks natural and I’ve gotten SOOO many compliments on it!! The last time I went, I asked for something completely different – I wanted to go back to something close to my natural color. It came out amazing!

Most importantly, everyone in the hair salon always has a smile on their face – the hair dressers and the customers! Lots of positive energy in there, and the salon is pretty too! They have a leopard-print broom that I get a kick out of. The hair dressers also take their time with you – I have never felt rushed out. They really take care to make sure that you look great!

Also recommend them for proms and weddings… They do great updos and have lots of accessories for you to choose from to put in your hair if you do not bring your own. ( I’ve had them do my hair for two formal occasions!)

The only reason I did not give them 5 stars is because they are a tiny bit pricey… being a college student, it is not always easy to spend a lot of money on highlights, but I think that it is worth the extra money to go with them because they do such an amazing job every time! Colleen K.

(Review from Yelp)

If you don’t want to “settle” when it comes to your hair — go to Cartier’s

I can only speak from experience on my hair designer, Luis (although it seems they all do fine work). Luis listens and considers your options from his professional perspective. If what you want is doable (and flattering) he will make it happen. If there has to be a compromise – he will work his own magic based on your input. Either way you walk out of Cartier’s happy and gorgeous!! I highly recommend Luis to anyone who wants their hair to demonstrate who they are, inside and out. Review of Luis Morales

(From superpages.com)

I just wanted to thank you again for a great experience in your salon

Luis was so nice, he heard me. He understood my hesitation with a razor style cut because of my past experiences but didn’t take it personally and I am so pleased with my haircut, I’m looking forward to the next!

I’m so glad … to have been connected to Cartier’s……..thank you. S. B.

Review of Luis Morales

Jen is fabulous

“Jen is fabulous,” said 46-year-old Bonnie, a breast cancer patient who has been working with Bates. (Bonnie’s last name has been withheld at her request.) “There’s no one like her. I’m really fortunate to get hooked up with her.”

“I was diagnosed with breast cancer in March,” Bonnie said. Bonnie explained that when you undergo treatment you don’t feel as attractive as when you were healthy.

“When you have cancer and you are going through treatment, you feel different, you feel ugly,” Bonnie said. “Look Good, Feel Better,” free of charge at Vassar Brothers Hospital, shows you how to do your makeup in a way that makes you feel attractive.

“I went (to be fitted) before my hair fell out. You go in, and she looks at your hair, in my case I had streaked hair, she matched it up, special ordered it and cut it just how I wanted it,“ Bonnie said. “You only pay for the wig, not for the styling. At “Look Good, Feel Better”, you can take as many wigs as you want. She was so nice and helpful, I had her cut my real hair really short, and she fitted the wig.”

Bonnie explained how the program made her feel better about herself, and why others should try it. “If you look better you’re more willing to go out, you feel better about yourself,” Bonnie said. “(In the class) every single person follows what she does, it was really helpful to me. They give you a box worth hundreds of dollars of name-brand makeup. It does work.”

“I’m helping other women who are going through it (cancer),” Bonnie said. “One women had an appointment to go to some fancy place, it was so terrible, she ended up going to Jen. She (Jen) special ordered her hair.” Bonnie

Reprinted from MidHudsonCentral.com

Meeting Jennifer has changed my life

I was depressed about my hair loss and had already gone through four hair “solutions.” Jennifer saw me immediately, brought me in by a private entrance, sat me down in a private room, and gently explained to me how she could help. My hair has never looked so beautiful, and no one can tell it’s not all mine. The style and color is perfect, and I can wash it every day.

Jennifer has a huge heart to go along with her considerable talent. I encourage anyone who is unhappy about their thinning hair to make an appointment and see Jennifer at Cartier’s Salon.

You can have your life back! L.W.

I can not thank you enough

Per our conversation earlier today, I can not thank you enough for the referral to Jennifer Bates from Cartier. The thought of losing my hair was, and is still a very emotional one. After searching for a wig in so many different places (including NYC), I was thrilled to have stopped in to ask you for your contact. I was about to think I was going to be stuck with an unnatural acrylic prosthetic until I met Jennifer. She was compassionate, took the time to ask me questions as well as answer mine, and before I left her salon, I had a gorgeous natural looking wig in my own color and styled just the way I am wearing my hair today. Her pricing is incredibly fair and a far cry from what I had experienced elsewhere.

Being diagnosed with Breast Cancer is such a roller coaster of emotions, let alone the type that I was unlucky enough to be diagnosed with. It is people like Jennifer and the staff in your office that has made all of this so much more bearable. The American Cancer Society as well as Dr. Frisenda is lucky to be blessed with such a fabulous support system. I know I will be just fine in the end, it is the journey to get there that is such a challenge. Knowing I am in such great hands makes all the difference in the world in giving me a few less things to be worried, concerned and upset about.

Please keep those referrals going to Jennifer… she deserves them and she deserves all of the accolades she receives for her great work. Additionally, I would like to thank you and your entire staff for going the extra mile and for all that you do everyday to help people like me overcome the emotional struggle of what lies ahead.

With Warm Regards,

What can I say

Hi Jennifer! What can I say that this e-mail hasn’t already. Your availability to our patients is most appreciated – not only by them, but also by me. Thank you for such a valuable service. Eileen M. Hickey Cancer Center

Saint Francis Hospital and Health Centers

Thank you for making this program available for women

Hi Jennifer, Amy, and Wendy! It is my pleasure to forward this email to you. Thank you for making this program available for women. This is a testimony to its importance and success.


Diane Froman, RN, CBCN, CBPN-IC
Patient Navigator
Breast Center at Saint Francis Hospital

Dear Diane,
It has been awhile since I told you that I would write something up about the “Look Good–Feel Better” program. As you can tell I got sidelined along the way. On March 15 I had the final breast reconstruction surgery. As I heal I can say that I’m closing in on the end of this entire process. It has been an education and experience. Thank you so much for your guiding hand in the majority of this process. You made it so much easier and comfortable. When you find yourself in this situation it helps to have someone with everything at her finger tips to guide you along the way. Yes, I could have done it with the help of Don alone but it would have taken so long and been extremely stressful. Like anyone needs more stress at that time in their life.

Back to the topic: Is this also sponsored by Miles of Hope? I see on the flier that the American Cancer Society, the National Cosmetology Association and Saint Francis Hospital are listed as sponsors. I thank all the sponsors for their support of this very important program to women in need of all the support they can get.

Jennifer was a delight. She sized up each individual but didn’t share that with us unless it was relevant. She was kind and gentle and supportive. As would be expected we had women in all stages of cancer. One woman stated that she never wore make-up but now felt that she would like to try using something. One woman was going in the next day for the pre-session for radiation. She knew she wanted a wig but hadn’t figured out where to go. There were a couple of friends/sisters in the group as supporters. They were very supportive and offered some good cosmetic tips and humor.

Jennifer selected a young woman who was going through brain radiation. She had a scarf on and no make-up but still attractive. Jennifer asked many questions to get a feel for what the woman had used in the past. Then she went to work always talking about what she was doing and why. She often gave alternatives to the specific thing she was doing. The end result was lovely. This young woman looked great but she did not have that “I just had a make-up make over” look. It was natural and understated giving her an uplifting appearance. Wow! Jennifer was a bubbly delight.

I wear make-up and wasn’t going through either chemo or radiation. In a way I felt like I probably shouldn’t have been there. On the other hand it was a delight to meet a group of very strong women going through some not so nice situations. Our common bond was cancer which isn’t a bond that anyone wants. It is terrific that there are places that help us create these bonds. I picked up a number of make up tips and appreciated the lovely selection of free cosmetics. As we walked out each woman had a smile on her face and a heartfelt thank you for Jennifer.

Yes, the program works. Yes, it made me feel better.

Again, my heartfelt thank you for all that you have done for me and your great support. I only wish that when I had my first round of cancer in 1984 that I had found someone such as you. It would have made an extremely scary time in life so much easier. In addition it would have made the following years a lot easier.

My love to you,


New Hero

Lived in Wappingers Falls, NY. Until early 2007 I was still going down to New Rochelle, NY to get my haircuts. With the price of gas and my busy lifestyle, I knew I had to find a place closer to home. After trying 6 different places I finally found “THE ONE.” Cartier’s is a Great place. Luis has been working on my hair for almost a year and I can’t believe how good it looks. My hair is very color resistant and Luis has been the only person to actually color my hair without drying it out. Elizabeth P.

(Review about Luis Morales from insiderpages.com)

Jennifer’s care and skill put the smile back on my face

I highly recommend Cartier’s, especially Jennifer Bates. I lost some of my hair due to a medical treatment and Jennifer was compassionate and caring and did a fabulous job of matching my natural hair (which was no easy task as I have a unique curl). I had been to another salon for the same thing and walked out almost in tears. Jennifer’s care and skill put the smile back on my face. In addition, everyone there is very friendly and they make you feel at ease. Jacoby M.

Poughkeepsie, NY

I can’t thank Jen and her staff enough

I recently had a side effect to medicine, and as a result have lost a significant amount of hair. I was referred to Jen at Cartier for assistance with getting a proper wig after trying local shops without finding something “normal”. I went and explained to Jen that I did not want to try new styles or colors, I just wanted to look like myself. I expected to have to order something, pay a fortune and have to wait for it to come in. Instead we tried a few on – privately I might add – and found something that did look normal for me, and similar to my own color! I left there with the wig on, and even had another of their clients stop me and tell me she “loved” my hair cut!!! On top of all that, it was a reasonable price, and they explained to me that many insurance companies, including mine, reimburse for wigs under these circumstances! I can’t thank Jen and her staff enough for their assistance with this! Zoe M.

Commitment to Satisfying the Client

All the stylists at Cartier’s are sincere, friendly, and especially talented. The salon is always full of positive energy which is something to cherish. Along with their upbeat attitude comes commitment to satisfying the client. There is never a dull moment at Cartier’s, to say the least. Jeannie W.

I would go no where else

I have been a client of Cartiers Hair Design Team for at least 5 years now. I would go no where else. The staff is helpful and always have a smile on their face. I always get a call reminding me of my apt and never have to wait beyond my apt time. I would never go anywhere else. I have had my haircut by Jennifer Bates and now by Louis. Both advise me on what works for my age and hair type and I have never been unhappy when I leave. I have at times gone to have Louis do my hair if I have an event. I have thick, culy hair and when I leave it is straight and sleek. I trust Louis and take his advice. Try Cartiers!

Danielle V.

My whole family goes there

I have been going to Cartiers since I was a little kid, my whole family goes there and they are excellent with what they are doing. Jackie and Theresa, Jen and Jennifer Rose are the best people there! they are so nice and they Wendy M.

Makes you feel at home and treats you royally

I found this salon a few years ago.. feel like I’ve been going there forever. The staff makes you feel at home and treats you royally! I had been wearing the same old cut, “forever”, but, Not any more! I have been going to Luis who convinced me, little by little, to allow him to cut my hair short. I have an amazing cut. I had never received as many compliments as I do now, since having Luis cut my hair. The staff is well trained. I will never go anywhere else! Laura W.

Cartier’s offers the whole package

I’ve been going to Cartier’s for about a year and a half. They are AWESOME! Jennifer and the staff always treat you like you’re someone special. I’ve been getting so many compliments about my hair–in fact I’ve been told that I’ve never looked so good. Cartier’s offers the whole package – hair, manicures, pedicures, make-up, wigs.

If you really want to look your best, go to Cartier’s. Dave B.

Anna has taught me how to love my hair and appreciate it in all it’s curly glory!

Having struggled with curly and frizzy hair for my entire life I was delighted to finally come across Anna DeMarco who has been my hair stylist for the past 15 years! Finally after all these years Anna has taught me how to love my hair and appreciate it in all it’s curly glory! Through Anna’s professional understanding as to how to cut, care for, and maintain curly hair, I have been able to manage my curls and even…some days…love my curls! Anna is professional yet adopts a very personal and connected approach with her clients. The time she takes over my hair does not go unnoticed. I am happy to say Anna also cares for my husband’s hair and all of our kids! and yes..one of them also has curly, frizzy, unmanageable hair! S.B.

She designs a style just for you…

Selecting the precise hair stylist is a personal decision. Twenty-one years ago Anna DeMarco became my hair stylist and I have been delighted ever since. She is an exceptionally gifted stylist/colorist. She designs a style just for you…taking into consideration your hair texture, complexion, lifestyle, age, etc. Through the years, I have had many styles; each one has been flattering, easy to manage and contemporary. She has the unique ability to create the persona you wish to project. J.M.